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Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) is an assessment of a child's reading capabilities. Each student will complete a DRA before being enrolled in one of our courses as well as at the end of each course to consistently ensure that each child is making progression towards becoming a fluent English reader.


Reading for meaning

Reading comprehension develops with a child's vocabulary and critical thinking skills. To become a proficient reader, a child needs to be able to recognize known words effortlessly while also processing new words through context. While reading in a new language, a child also needs to understand grammatical structures and tenses. Our classes integrate all of these crucial elements to help our students achieve higher levels of reading fluency and comprehension.

Rich and varied text

All of our courses include a variety of high-quality electronic and printable texts. By progressing through our leveled courses, our students are able to naturally build their reading fluency and comprehension with engaging books, passages, and poetry. Each text offers new vocabulary, grammar skill reinforcement, cultural awareness, and discussion.

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