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Writing for Effective Communication

Students will learn a variety of writing styles from creative prompts. Grammar, syntax, and organization are taught throughout the writing process.

Writing is more than putting words on a page. Writing well incorporates knowledge and awareness of grammar, vocabulary, syntax, organization, and creativity.

Building a strong foundation in the elements of writing is paramount to effective written communication.

Process Writing

We use leveled writing curriculum to teach students the five steps of the writing process. By building foundational skills for writing, we equip students to communicate through different writing styles and ability levels.

Writing genres taught and practiced include:

  • informative/explanatory

  • narrative

  • opinion/argument

  • transactional

Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice different writing genres at four developmental writing levels; beginning, early developing, developing, and fluent. Progression through our leveled courses ensures that our students have the knowledge and tools they need to effectively communicate through written English.

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