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Phonics and Pronunciation for Clear Communication

Students will engage in active discussion and conversation in every lesson. The essentials of phonics and pronunciation will be taught as the foundation to clear spoken English.

Starting in our Phonics and Emergent courses, our students are taught foundational skills in English phonological awareness. Each of our following courses build on these foundational skills to help students speak English accurately, effortlessly, and confidently.

Speaking with clarity and confidence.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness starts with the ability to listen, identify, discriminate, and produce sounds in the English language. Through rhymes, songs, chants, and play; our students are able to develop strong skills in English phonics.

Pronunciation All of our classes incorporate conversation, discussion, and presentation. Through these speaking practices, our students build their pronunciation skills and confidence. Our teachers focus pronunciation learning from English phonological awareness rather than converting sounds from a student's native language. Building this foundational practice helps students to naturally develop fluency in English pronunciation and avoid the pronunciation pitfalls that many English learners face.

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