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Students gain English skill and confidence as they progress through our courses. 

All courses and camps are scheduled based on the needs of our students and the schools we serve. 

Live classes are held in an interactive online classroom where students can practice with teachers and peers in real time. 

Individualized feedback and progress reports. 

All assignments and materials are accessible online and available to download and print. 

Assessments conducted prior to enrollment and at the end of each semester. 

Three Cute Kids

Two semesters for new learners


This course is an introduction to English.  Students will learn to recognize the English alphabet and phonetic sounds.  Through singing, rhyming, and visual learning students will be able to being building their English vocabulary. 


Four semesters for early learners


 This course builds on phonics, daily vocabulary, reading, and simple sentence construction in writing.   Students will be able to recognize words in context and distinguish between upper and lowercase letters. 

Ready for School
Pre Intermediate

Two semesters for early continuing learners

 This course prepares students for intermediate courses.  Building vocabulary and grammar skills bridges the gap to reading and writing at a 2nd grade level. 

School Children

Four semesters for continuing learners  

 This course builds skill in English writing and reading up to a 3rd grade level.  Students will develop skills in conversational English and presentation. 

Kids at School

Two semesters for early progressive learners

 This course guides students from a lower elementary level to an upper elementary level of English.  Skills in foundational grammar and reading comprehension will be strengthened to prepare students for advanced courses. 

Pre Advanced
Image by Ben White

Four semesters for progressive learners

 This course refines skills in grammar, writing, and reading in English above a 4th grade level. Students will expand on conversational English and presentation skills. 

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

8 week class for new learners

This course is an introduction to English for our youngest learners. 

This course builds skills in the English alphabet, letter and sound recognition, and simple words. 

A Girl in a Classroom
Writing Camp

5-day Camp 


This course generates skills in creative writing and presentation. 

A variety of writing camps are offered for Beginner to Advanced learners.

Reading Camp

5-day Camp 


This course generates skills in reading fluency and comprehension through a variety of text. 

A variety of reading camps are offered for Beginner to Advanced learners.

Find the Right Course


Find the perfect English course for your students.


Find the perfect English course for your child.


Find the perfect English course.