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English ConnectEd offers fun and motivational online English classes for children.
What classes do you offer?

We offer English language courses for children ages 5-15 divided into 8-week terms. These courses follow a progression of levels for new learners all the way to upper advanced. Each 8-week term has specific materials, lessons, and learning goals to guide children in building, using, and refining their English language communication. 

We also offer fun 5-day reading, writing, and speaking camps once a month throughout the year.  In addition to our monthly camps, we offer additional camps during winter and summer breaks. 

Why are there 2-3 classes per week?

In language learning, consistency is key.  Kids, as well as adults, learn best in an environment that balances consistent in-class learning with independent practice outside of class.  Having multiple classes per week allows students to get more out of each class and build better peer-to-peer interactions over the course of the semester.  At the same time, having a day or two between classes creates an opportunity for students to complete independent work and balance their language studies with all of their other classes, school work, and family time. 

Can my child have more than 3 classes per week?

Our goal is not just to teach language skills but to also foster skills that improve learning.  Children retain more when they take ownership of their own learning.  This is why homework is regularly assigned in our classes.  Balancing the time working together in class with time spent working independently on homework encourages our students to build their individual study habits and, therefore, become a stronger language learner.  With this in mind, we do not schedule more than 3 classes per week as part of our semester program. 

However, we do offer monthly 5-day camps that students can join throughout the semester as a supplement to their semester course.  The camps are scheduled separately from the semester classes so students also get a chance to interact with other peers, teachers, and learning materials. 

What is the homework expectation?

Our students are regularly assigned homework. Some of the homework is a required part of the curriculum and we expect students to try their best and hand the homework in on time. This required homework is linked to class projects so it is very important for students to complete it in a timely manner.


We also offer supplementary homework and strongly suggest that students spend time outside of class working on vocabulary, grammar and writing activities.

Why do we encourage 3-4 students in a class?

We have found group classes to be more motivating than individual classes. Students speak with each other creating a more realistic language situation which allows students to learn how to respond more naturally to unexpected questions and topics. In the same way, this increases student's confidence in speaking English outside of the classroom.

How can my child get the most out of the class?

Motivated children can greatly increase their ability in speaking, writing, and reading by participating fully in class, doing all of the required homework, doing all of the supplemental homework as well as spending some time each day practicing vocabulary and reading.

With participation in class, staying focused on tasks, and completing independent work outside of class; our students quickly show progress in their English skills and confidence. 

How can I support my child at home?

It is very important to make sure your child has a quiet place to be able to participate in class. Encourage your child to finish the assigned homework.  Encourage your child to review their work after they have completed it and take time to review homework notes after assignments have been reviewed by the teacher. 

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